I painted the 8 meter wall inside the office of an AV company called



The client's requests were...


- Draw "TEAM WORK MAKES THE DREAM WORK" in grafiti style.

- Colourful but to match with the office wall colour. (the office is monotone colour.)

- On left side, draw high rise buildings.

- On right side, Imaginary workers in Japanese animation character style.


I used the neon colours to make the slogan stand out.

I drew it in quite a strong font to make it easy to see when people came to the office, and so that they would pay an attention the slogan.


I painted modern buildings in London, New York and Tokyo.

The company is growing globally, which is why I painted the buildings of several cities.

The company's technology may be world wide in future.


On the right side of wall, I painted this section in 3D.

When people see the picture it looks like there is a other room.

I drew Manekineko and Daruma which are good luck symbols of business in Japan.



2016 London, England

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London, United kingdom


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